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Free VPN
Is a free VPN worth it?
milerpip - No, it is trash
1 year, 6 months ago
rebeccakerr - Life in China without a VPN is nearly impossible, and I can understand what you are going through. I had to work in China for a year, and VPN really saved me throughput this journey. China is a magnificent place and the year I spent there was superb, but the only issue is the internet. I was glad enough to find a website that had a list of the Best VPN according to Reddit. I went through it and chose the right option for me. After that, I was able to enjoy my journey in China even more. If you are facing a similar issue, then you should consider a VPN. This website changed everything for me, and I hope that you will be able to find a good provider for yourself there.
1 year, 6 months ago
kokabi7874 - Tale of why any VPN is bad for bypassing blocking and what you really need to use:

Well let's start with the fact that VPN in principle is not designed to bypass blocking from the provider because it was created for another purpose. Yes, they can certainly be used to bypass blocking, but the main purpose of VPN is to encrypt your traffic to the maximum and not for what he did not know. But this is where its problems stem from when used as a tool to access blocked resources:
free as you said are first slow, secondly sell your data and even such giants as Betternet and Hola have been seen selling data of their free users.
Paid ones are expensive in the first place. If you take the same top 3 VPNs, it will be easy for your provider to track you are sitting through a VPN, and therefore block access. As it has already been done today with a number of popular VPN services.

And now the main question of the evening: how do you get around blocking?
The answer: proxies.

Only not just a proxy, but a miracle gift from our dear friends from the Celestial Empire.
Many years ago, when China attacked the great firewall and blocked almost all VPNs, but those that are not blocked are not possible to use, a group of programmers from China invented such a thing as Shadowsocks. This is essentially a proxy on steroids. It lacks all the main disadvantages of the classical proxy, but kept all its advantages.
Now briefly about the pros:
The application itself is free, has open source on githab and just ultra cross-platform, even put it on the iron and refrigerator if you want)
-The traffic cannot be identified, it is masked as much as possible as ordinary traffic and provider cannot calculate that you use this application, and therefore will not be able to block your traffic.
-Although generally accepted to raise their proxies on vps, goodness it is much easier to do than raise your vpn server and cope with this task any person, if not for 10 minutes, then for half an hour for sure. And the price will already depend on the hosting that you choose. But on the same there are hundreds of free and fast servers from around the world, from Germany to Singapore via Canada, which is also very fast.
-It is possible to let through a proxy only some applications or on the contrary let all except some. For example, at me a proxy is always on, because speed allows me to comfortably use any services except online games, there I care, so I have standing in exceptions, which allows me to not turn off the proxy during the game.
In general, download, use.
The scheme is designed and tested for many years in China and if their great and mighty firewall copes, in is certainly not worth worrying, whatever the government has not invented there.
8 months, 3 weeks ago
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