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How to motivate your child to study
Find out how to engage a teenager with the educational process, what types of motivation exist and what psychologists think about it. In the article, we provide effective advice on how to get your child interested in learning.

Why is it important to engage your child in activities
How to get a child interested in studying is a question that every parent must have asked itself. But what if the child is completely indifferent to the school curriculum, does not want to study and tries to slip away from homework under any pretext? How to get children interested in activities?

Here are some tips I found on while doing work for a student at the University of Southern California.

A sure way to get your child interested in learning is to create motivation. It can be external and internal, as well as positive and negative. Let's consider these types in more detail.

Types of learning motivation
Extrinsic motivation is associated with any external circumstances, for example, a reward or, conversely, punishment. Extrinsic motivation, in turn, can be positive.

Intrinsic motivation is associated with the activity itself and its meaning for a person.
Positive intrinsic motivation is when a child tries to get good grades in order to do well on exams, go to university in the specialty of their dreams, and work in whatever way they want. Negative - when he realizes that if he does not study well, he will not be able to enter the budget.
The most productive motivation is internal positive. It is she who is the source of all outstanding deeds, completed projects and achievements. People who have achieved a lot in life and in their business are, first of all, people with high intrinsic motivation. But the external, according to psychologists, will not help at all to interest the child in school.

So the best advice on how to get a child interested in learning is to make him genuinely love the educational process.
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1 month, 3 weeks ago
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