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Public Art Archive and Sketchfab are the places to show your 3D images
Pull test with Welded Ninjaflex
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RAISE3D Pro 2 Plus FDM Large Format Dual Extrusion Printing bud
Raleigh NC 3d Printer Meetup
Reattaching the y axis belts - makerbot replicator 2
Red Door Distributions at the 3D Print Show in Pasadena!
reddit 3D Printing contest
Reddit 3D Printing Contest
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Replicator 5th gen.
Resin Printing for Museum-ready reproduction
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Return different printer profiles?
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Ridge Nylon - Rigid and Machinable
Russian Hackers! Change password
Save up to 50% on filament and accessories at ToyBuilder Labs
Save up to 50% on filament and accessories at ToyBuilder Labs
Seattle Meetup
Seeking Designer(s) for Unique Designer Toy
Seeking maker to make Tardis models for Brother's October Wedding
Sept. 26 Google Hangout Links and Discussions.
Sheet Metal
shipping and startup cost
Shipping PLA prints in the summer
Simple dimensioning tools for clients
Simple free tool to calculate STL model volume
Simple Graphics Extruder: 2D graphics to 3D models
Simpler & Safer 3D Printing - Thoughts?
Sintratec SLS going fast
Site needs to be fixed
SLA 3D Printing Service by SQUARE
SLA Printed Part Needed
SLS printing
So many requests for quotes, no money.
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Spectrum 3D full color printing for our FDM's?
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