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ninjaflex and 5th gen makerbot
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Northern Virginia Area
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Not a brag, just proud!! 4.5 foot 3d printed model
Not sure.
Noticing some changes
Obtenha uma classificação mais alta com empresas confiáveis de hospedagem na web
Oil Field Model 6
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Open Print Job Thingy
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Open source.......eek!
Optimizing 5th gen Makerbot Replicator
Ordered 3 months ago, still not received my item, what's going on?
Ordered 4 Pieces TWO months ago. Still not a single word from support.
part finishing and painting?
Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights free webinar
Payment information??
payouts to makers taking long time?
People asking for orders of 250-1000 of a part, where to point them?
PETG is available to interested...
Phoenix is on the 3D map!
PLA casting - jewerly question
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PLA vs. ABS plastic?
plagiarism checker free
Plasti Dip for printed parts
Plastic material
Playing 'Squish the Pumpkin' with Makerbot's flexible PLA
Please delete my account
Poll: how many printing hours do you have on your 3D printer?
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PolyStyrene CNC or Wire Cutting Service?
Positive to negative?
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