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How to Show Off Your 3D-printed Parts, 3Dponics System
How to stop prints from peeling up at the corners?
I am new to the site, but not new to 3D printing or designing.
I like this
I need a scan & STL file job done in Dallas / Fort Worth TX area
I requested to cancel an order as soon as it was accidentally placed.
I used Makexyz service to start my Kickstarter project
ibox nano in or out?
Idea for an interesting feature
If someone offered u $100 to come fix their makerbot...
Increase your material options: Discov3ry paste extruder kickstarter ending today
Inexpensive ball studs for magnetic zero-backlash ball and socket joints...
Infill for quotes
Infill for something small?
Interest level in 3D scanning?
Intro to Relentless Designs LLC in LA
Introducing 3D Modeling at kids Summer Camp
Introduction - Bitcoin Macroeconomics
Is it still worth it to become a service provider on this site?
Is there a 3D printer that detects itself failing?
Is there a way to see your page views?
Is there a way to see your page views?
Is there anyone way to print ABS filament on the Makerbot 5th Gen?
Issues with sketchup .stl files
Just got a 2nd bot... so a 3d printing video montage was called for.
Keep Me Busy!
Kossel 3D Printer For Sale
LA area - onsite 3d scanning and then printing needed
Large Format Fusion3 F400 Printing
Large-scale 3D printing.
Laser cutting.
laser engraving acrylic PMMA optic surface
Laser Engraving/ CNC
Late order.
Leap frog creatr and ASUS Xtion Simplify 3D Skanect $2200
Length of a 1kg filament
Level of Detail
List filastruder/filabot?
Live in US, Transactions in Canadian Dollars
Live video stream
Local Meetups [Jersey City]
London mini Maker Faire this Saturday
Looking for 3d print service that offers acetone vapor smoothing and prints in red abs!!
looking for a metal 3d printer.
Looking for a teacher
Looking for designer, possible business venture.
Looking for someone to print a dual chamber bottle
Looking to rent a printer in Orlando