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Borrow Materials from the Gym
If you want some special equipment, see if you can borrow some items from the gym. Depending on what materials are in your school's gym, items you could use include hula hoops, mats, mini trampolines, and jump ropes.

Allow for Breaks
Instead of having your students go straight from one obstacle to the next, you can give them spots to pause between each one so they have a chance to adjust to each new obstacle.

Make Your Obstacle Course Flexible
It's likely that your students will not all need the same accommodations. You should be able to adjust different obstacles for students who need those adjustments. For example, if your students will be jumping into hula hoops, you can bring them closer together, or if they'll be throwing a ball into a box, you can put down a few lines of tape to mark where different students will stand.

Breaking up your classroom routine with an obstacle course gives your students the opportunity to have some fun while working on important skills. With a few considerations and adjustments, you can use an obstacle course from for your students of all ability levels.

Use Materials from Your Classroom
You don't need a lot of special equipment to create an obstacle course. There are numerous obstacles you can create with items in your classroom. Combine a couple of desks to create a tunnel through which your students can crawl. Set up chairs like traffic cones and have your students weave in and out of them. Put a line of tape on the floor and have your students stand on the line while throwing a ball into a box before they move forward. Put another line of tape on the floor and tell your students to walk on it like it's a balance beam. There are numerous obstacles you can create with items in your classroom.
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