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Preparing for writing
Once you have decided on what you wish to write, prepare an outline of what you wish to say about it. You need to use descriptive words, examples and details to emphasize why you would be apt choice to the organization or college.
- Decide on a topic for your essay. You could also have a thesis statement where the central theme should be focused on your personality and attitude. The reader should be able to glimpse your attitude, personality and the events that have shaped your outlook and thoughts through your descriptive narration.
- Your essay should consist of the following -
- Introductory paragraph – mention briefly your achievements, beliefs and outlooks.
- Body paragraph – mention significant events that have influenced you and helped form your values, principles and attitudes.Learn more about autobiography essay on !
- Conclusion – mention your aims and goals and how your attitude would enable you to achieve them.
Hope the above mentioned tips and guidelines have clarified any doubts you had about how to write an autobiography essay.
Practice! Practice! Practice!
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