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Term Paper Topics on Legal Issues
An Argument in Support of Affirmative Action.
A Syllogism: Affirmative Action is fair because it has set up programs for under-represented groups, especially those in the African American community. Because the educational system is geared to prevent Blacks from success, Blacks need state empowerment to counter-act institutional racism.

An Argument for Patient Assisted Suicide (PAS) for the terminally Ill in the United States
This paper or essay will seek to understand how patient assisted suicide should be made as a Federal law supported by all of the court districts in the country. In this way, we will take a law, ethical, and moral approach to providing this legal theory in generating a wider acceptance of PAS in the United States and within a majority of American communities abroad.

An Argumentative Analysis About Euthanasia.
This is a paper topic that answers the argumentative question of: Do we have the right to choose when to die?

An Argumentative Essay for a Woman's Right to an Abortion.
This paper will argue against the pro-life view against abortion in the current state of the debate on abortion. By understanding this many-sided fight for the right of women to be able to make a choice for themselves in this issue, we can why their rights need to be protected. By looking at some of the analysis that has been written on the subject, the right for women to have control issues over issues about their won bodies should be fought for. This paper will study these sides, but will focus on the right for women to have an abortion, if needs be.


An Article On Nicotine Law And Politics: A Summary And Analysis.
This paper or essay will seek to understand an article on Cigarettes and politics behind these health problems. By also presenting the aims of politics, we can see why this is a serious issue in American debates on nicotine.

Analysis And Argument Against Euthanasia.
This paper is written about Euthanasia. "Euthanasia and doctor's assisted suicide are murder and should be prohibited by law". The first key problem concerns euthanasia, which actually means mercy killing and a good death. Prohibiting euthanasia simultaneously is forbidding compassion and mercy.

Analysis of Harper's Argument.
In this paper I want to argue that the argument Tom Harper creates for claiming that sometimes it is wrong to save the lives of dying and critically ill patients is contradictory. While I actually agree with Harper's position, everything he does in structuring the argument has to be turned upside down in order to have a sound argument.

Analysis of the Politics of Representation of Crime and Criminalization in "Inside the Sex Trade".
This paper is an analysis of the McClelland's article. McClelland's (2001) article presents a microcosm of underground capitalism in which women are highly visible, while being at the very bottom of the economic hierarchy. The same processes as are observed in legitimate capitalism are at work, even though they are inverted.

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