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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

tl;dr: like magic.

Long answer: we help people make stuff by linking people who need something made with makers and print shops in their neighborhood. You browse printers in your zip code, and after you have found one, you upload your file, choose your color, material, zip code, and checkout. If you have questions about 3D printing or about your design you can also email the printer through makexyz. After the printer prints your model, they can either ship it to you, or hold it until you can pick it up. It's an easy way to get quality 3D prints fast.

How much does it cost?

Good question. If you need to have something printed, we have 3D printers in your area. And the printers set their own prices. So how much does it cost? Well, it depends. But you will certainly be able to find a printer that matches your budget. For printers, it's free to list your printer on makexyz.

Can you print in something other than plastic? Colors?

Currently, printers on makexyz can print in ABS, PLA, Nylon, Wood, Paper, Bioindustrial/Medical plastic, Full color sandstone, Ceramic, Resin, and... more. And more materials (chocolate!) coming soon. More colors are being added every day. Currently red, blue, green, purple, clear, white, black, silver.

How do I place an order with a printer?

You have two options; and they are equally awesome. If your model is ready to go, find the printer you want to use, click "Print your Design" on the printer's profile, upload your model, and checkout. But you can also ask the printer for a custom quote for your project (this is great for complex, nebulous, or large projects). To request a quote, email the printer from the printer's profile, attach your files, and ask for a quote.

How do invoices work?

Invoices work great for projects that are complex, large, or nebulous in nature. Printers can create an invoice for any type of project that you have (large prints, design work, mowing your lawn hehe, etc). To request an invoice, email the printer from the printer's profile page and ask for a quote on your project.

How does pick-up / delivery work?

First of all, we will never give out anyone's address without their permission. When the customer is placing an order they choose whether they would like to have the item shipped, or to pick it up themselves. If the customer chooses shipment, the printer places the print in the mail after it is finished. If the customer chooses to pick up the item, he or she is responsible for meeting the printer to pick up the item. Most of our printers and customers choose to meet in coffee shops or near their places of work to hand-off the finished products.

How much does it cost to list a printer?

It's completely free. You set the price per cubic centimeter that you will charge, then when you receive an order through makexyz, we offer that print to you at the price you have designated.

What's a printer profile?

Your profile is what customers look at when they are deciding where to get their 3D prints done. If you have added your printer to makexyz, your printer profile is, well, your profile. It lists the materials you print in, the colors you print in, along with pictures of your recent prints and a bit of information about you and your printing services.

As a printer, how can I get more orders?

To get as many orders as possible, make sure your profile has pictures of recent prints, a full description, and up to date build platform and resolution information. Additionally, it's very important to have positive reviews. Many makexyz printers have had success getting their first orders by posting links to their profiles on their facebook, twitter, google+, etc. And posting on their local craigslist and reddit. Also emailing your address book is very effective.

As a printer, how much do I get per order?

You set your own price (a $ per cubic centimeter). And that's how much you get.

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how makexyz works

After you choose a printer, upload a 3D file, select your zip, material, color and quantity. Then checkout securely.
The printer has 48 hours to accept or decline your order. If the printer declines, you of course do not get charged.
You can have your print shipped. or you can pick it up.