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FreeTrack is an open source software application that provides cost effective optical head tracking for applications & games. This software closely emulates its commercial counterpart, TrackIR.The headtracking is achieved by attaching infrared LEDs to a hat or clip in a special arrangement and then allowing the software to track these points through almost any webcam. This position data will then be provided to a game in real time such as ARMA II or DCS: World, allowing the user to freely look around their envionment.This point model serves as a precise platform for mounting the infrared LEDs to a hat. The relative positions of these LEDs must be entered in the software, and less precise or changing measurements means lower performance for the user.Additional information available at the FreeTrack website: .89 cubic inches ABS Weight: .03 poundsPrint part with supports, only the flat part near the top LED mount needs a support, so don't panic if the support pattern seems odd.Solder LEDs and a appropriately sized resistor to your power sourceTape or glue 5mm infrared LEDs of your choice in each mount hole, they should extend slightly beyond the partNotes: A fan may be necessary while printing the arm that leads up to the top LED. It's critical that the support material adheres to the print bed. I strongly recommend printing on kapton tape that has been cleaned with rubbing alcohol, adjust first layer height if necessary. Keeping your bed hot will help too!Special thanks to my fellow pilots on the DCS A-10 subreddit at as well as the fine folks at FreeTrack for making this all possible.

FreeTrack 3 Point Hat Model
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FreeTrack 3 Point Hat Model
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