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Cool. Glad it worked. I am heading back soon and then will be out of town most the 4th of July weekend. I am clear next weekend if you have something to print. I have ordered some more black and white ABS because I was running low...
Detlef on Jul 02
You are probably on the way back now.
Just wanted to let you know that the cup holder works flawlessly. Thanks again!
Gadolphsen on Jul 02
Yes definitely. See you then...
Detlef on Jun 28
Will you be up and about at 9:00 AM tomorrow? If so I'd like to come by around that time to pick it up.
Gadolphsen on Jun 27
Awesome!. Look forward to seeing it. I will come by Sunday to pick it up then. Thanks!
Gadolphsen on Jun 26
Okay the big piece I printed last night when I got home from the airport. I still need to print out the 2 holder pieces but that should be quick. The main piece is a beast now and I think you could run over it with a tractor and not break it...

I will be working today and running around doing errands all day tomorrow, so Sunday is the first I will be close enough to home to have you pick it up.
Detlef on Jun 26
I think my current version supports honeycomb and other infill types but like I said with the stress with the grain it might not help as much. My program also allows me to adjust the walls and the infill for layer ranges so I could also play with that. I haven't used the feature before but it would be an interesting exercise.
Detlef on Jun 24
I came to the same conclusion. You'll see when you get home and download the files that the new version is significantly different. I've replaced the 4 weak prongs that hold the actual cup with a complete 360 degree outer cup. More material, less elegant design but hopefully stronger.

Also I read an announcement somewhere that S3D just released a completely new version that - amongst a lot of other things - also lets you choose between different infill patterns, including hexagonal. If it means what I think it does, a honeycomb-like inner structure should add strength as well. What do you think?
Gadolphsen on Jun 24
I will print this tomorrow night when I get back in town. I am concerned that the issue will occur again because the break happened horizontally along the grain of the print and like the grain of wood that is the week point. But I have high hopes that thicker walls and more infill will make an overall stronger bond.
Detlef on Jun 24
Hope your travels are going well. I have redesigned the cup holder to make it more solid.
We probably still should reinforce walls and use stronger than normal infill - mainly to make the clamp and the area where clamp meets the main body stronger.

Please let me know how much this will be so I can send you the payment. Thanks!
315.16 cm³ - 3.98 in x 4.17 in x 3.92 in - preview - download original
30.17 cm³ - 2.49 in x 0.86 in x 2.13 in - preview - download original
Gadolphsen on Jun 24
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