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5 ways to contact previous clients
Maintaining a good relationship and getting recommendations depends on the effort you put into connecting with your customers in a positive and memorable way.
Real estate is about relationships. On many occasions, real estate consultants obtain a good number of clients from people who already know their services and trust their work.
Building a successful relationship-based real estate career requires a lot of planning and being both strategic and meaningful. This means getting involved in some way in the lives of future clients, present and past, keeping in touch.
There are thousands of ways to keep in touch with past clients, such as newsletters or birthday cards, this helps to keep the name of the real estate consultant present and this will help in getting recommendations and contacts.
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Here we present three memorable and personal activities that will help you strengthen your real estate business
1. Organize a bazaar
At least once a year, rent a space for a bazaar that can be for sale or barter. It is very common that we have an object that we no longer occupy and surely your clients will thank you for a place to take it. To invite them to participate we suggest that you call them by phone, this will have a better response than if you simply send an email.
Try to organize time and space well so that you can greet and catch up with each of the participants, the point is that you remind them that you are a great person and advisor.
2. Bake cookies
Holidays are great for baking cookies, cakes, or some other dessert. Whichever you decide to do will give your customers a reason to mention your name to their friends and guests. The key is to make the dessert yourself and deliver it personally.
This activity does not have to be for a holiday, nor does it necessarily have to be food. The moment and the object are not as important as creating and delivering something memorable so that you can see past clients in person and let them know how much you appreciate working with them.
Call them and schedule a delivery day to make sure you can have a good time with them and not be inconvenient.
3. Paint the house
If possible, look for an artist who can make a painting of the facade of the house, an original work signed by the author. It can be watercolor, acrylic or any painting technique, as long as it is of good quality.
Frame the painting and give it to your client, with the intention that they hang it on a wall of their home, this will help them keep in mind that you were a good real estate advisor. You can also start a conversation with any of your visitors and they will surely mention your name, make sure your past client always has your contact so they can provide it if any of their visitors are interested.
4. Plant a garden
This is a perfect activity for spring. Homeowners will always have an interest in making their home look better at an affordable price. Everyone loves flowers in their gardens, so giving seeds is a perfect way to keep in touch and help improve your home.
Call your past clients in late winter, and ask if they are interested in seeds for their spring garden. Ask them what flowers they like and how much sun it gives their garden and if their garden is indoor or outdoor.
The key is to establish a conversation and not bring up the subject of real estate. Focus on the garden and other aspects of her life.
Make an appointment to deliver the seeds, and if possible ask them to show you the place where the seeds will be planted. Also ask them to send you photos of the progress of their garden in the future.
They will think of you when they see the garden and surely if any guest mentions something about it, your client will mention your name and surely recommend your services.
5. Do annual checkups
Every year on the anniversary of purchase, call your clients and ask if they want to make an appointment to review the equity position of the house they bought.
If the appointment is made, bring an appropriate gift for the owner and don't stay for more than 30 minutes. Make a concise presentation and mention the important points to reinforce your purchase decision.
The visit also reinforces the value of the real estate advisor in the transaction. Offers an update year after year. Plus, it can give you other opportunities to keep in touch for the rest of the year.

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