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Dog bed: The ideal dog gift for Christmas!
This Christmas our canine friends will not be left out of the exchange of gifts, since we will tell you how to make a dog bed with recycled materials, ideal to give to your best four-legged friend. In addition, it is an article that you could also sell in the Pet Accessories section of Vivanuncios. So get to work!

Turn your old sweatshirt into a dog bed
That sweatshirt or sweater that you like so much for being soft –but that you no longer wear because it is very worn or is unstitched– can have a second use so that your friend can sleep like in the clouds. And the best thing is that it is 100% washable , either by hand or machine.
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1 sweatshirt or sweater without closure
White chalk
Yarn of your favorite color
Padding for cushions; you can reuse the one from an old pillow.
1. On a table, place the sweatshirt (or sweater) fully extended and with the chalk draw a curved line that goes from one armpit to the other, the highest point of the curve should be approximately one finger below the neck.
2. Fold the sleeves in until they meet at the bottom of the sweatshirt and draw the outer outline of the sleeves with the chalk.
3. Following this line, cut out the excess part –which corresponds to the hip of the sweatshirt–; through the hole that was left, insert the filling, taking as a limit the other line you had drawn. Sew on the top line. In the lower opening it is not necessary to close it all, just make three stitches to prevent the filling from coming out.
4. Take the sleeves and place them on the base of what will be the bed. Join them by putting one sleeve inside the other and sew them together.
5. Insert the padding through the neck opening. Flip the bed over and sew the sleeves around the bottom of the bed.

Dog bed on a tire
Did a tire on your car go flat? Forget about throwing it away, better clean it and use it to make your pet a very comfortable bed.
Credit: Hogar Útil
1 tire of the size you think is necessary for your dog.
Acrylic paint in the color of your choice
1 comfortable cushion
1. Clean the tire. Preferably wash and disinfect it.
2. Paint it - inside and outside - the color you want with acrylic paint. If you feel very creative apply some special design.
3. Place one or more cushions - or the one you created with your sweatshirt - inside the rim.
Ready! you already have a dog bed; the biggest advantage is that you can easily remove the cushion for washing.
Armchair style dog bed
If your dog is a large breed, he probably loves to get on the couches and take your place in front of the television. To stop this from happening, you can create an armchair-style bed with pallets so that your friend feels like they have their place in the living room.
2 large wooden pallets
1 cushion
1. Clean and sand the pallet.
2. One of the pallets will remain unchanged to be the base of the chair. The other, cut it into three equal parts; two will serve as armrests and the third as a headboard.
3. Attach these three parts to the base with the nails.
4. Paint everything the color you want.
5. Place the cushion on the base, and voila!
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