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You can act like a sociable person, even if you don't like this behavior
Not everyone can join the company and easily hold a conversation. But first you just need to overcome the fear of failure, awkwardness and insecurity. Read more here:

And then use 12 simple ways from Kluber, and you will quickly improve your communication skills.

You can behave like an outgoing person, even if that behavior is not to your liking. Don't let feelings of anxiety hold you back. Talk to new people and participate in conversations, even if it makes you nervous. It will get easier over time and you can quickly improve your skills.

2. Start out simple.

If going to a party or spending time with a lot of people seems like a daunting task for you, try starting with something simple. Go to the grocery store or order your own food at a restaurant and thank the clerk. Start with small conversations, gradually moving on to more serious ones.

3. Ask open-ended questions.

If you want to shift attention away from yourself during a conversation, start asking open-ended questions. Get other people talking, thereby freeing yourself from the gaze of others. Ask questions that require more detailed answers than just "yes" or "no." You can also keep the conversation going by engaging the other person.

4. Get others to talk about themselves.

Most people get real satisfaction from talking about themselves. Ask the person you're talking to about their career accomplishments, hobbies, or family. Show him or her that you are interested in hearing about him or her. If you want to keep the conversation going, you need to treat it like a game of ping-pong.

5. Set goals for yourself.

Set yourself some small goals. Maybe you want to hone a certain skill or become socially active in the community. Set a goal and start working on strategies to improve your social life.

6. Don't be stingy with compliments.

Compliments can be a great way to "connect" to the conversation. Praise your colleague's presentation or your neighbor's new car. Compliments show other people your friendliness.

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7. Read books about communication skills.

There are many books that can help you learn specific communication skills and ways to start a conversation. But don't forget that just reading about such techniques won't make you an expert communicator. It will take a lot of practice.

8. Remember about good manners.

Good manners play a very important role in improving your communication skills. Learn to be polite, show appreciation, and behave decently at the table.

9. Pay attention to body language.

Non-verbal communication is very important. So pay attention to what your body language says. Try to look relaxed, watch the amount of eye contact you have, and show a willingness to engage in conversation.

10. Join social media support networks.

Many communities offer participation in social support networks. These groups help people who are suffering from feelings of shame, clumsiness, or anxiety in different social situations learn new skills they need. With them, you can learn to participate in conversations and make new friends who understand your problem.

11. keep up to date.

To have a common topic of conversation with someone, read the latest news and be aware of current trends. Try to avoid controversial areas like politics and talk more about things that might interest your conversation partner. This can be a great way to start a conversation and help you stick to neutral topics.

12. identify and get rid of negative thoughts.

If you think too negatively about your social life, that's how it will end up being. For example, the person who thinks he is clumsy and is bound to embarrass himself will sit in the farthest corner of the party. He will end up going home with the thought that since no one has spoken to him, he really is some kind of a bad person.

Watch your negative thoughts, which can pull you down. Replace them with more realistic, "I can start a conversation and meet new people." Don't let yourself get caught up in unproductive thoughts!

Good communication skills are very important in establishing effective communication. If talking to someone seems like a challenge, start using the suggested tips consistently.
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