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files accepted: stl, obj, zip, step, stp, iges, igs, 3ds, wrl
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Chad Brinkle - 3D printer in Castle Hayne, Nc 28429

Chad Brinkle

Castle Hayne, NC 28429

3D printing $0.35 /cm³

3D scanning $25.00 /hour

Things I've Made

About me

I am currently using a Makergear M2. I work as a quality engineer for an Aviation manufacture so I would rather let you know something is not to my standards and throw it away than to ship you a part that isn't up to par. Recently I have made 9 of the jet engines listed in my store for people at work.

My Services

Makergear M2

3D printer

ABS Plastic, PLA Plastic

• Black,

• Blue,

• Clear,

• Green,

• Orange,

• Red,

• Silver,

• White,

• Yellow,

• Platform 200 x 250 x 200 (mm)

Primesense Carmine 1.09

3D Scanner • $25.00 /hour

My Reviews

august C.

Chad is a very easy person to work with,and gets thing done. I"m glad i found him. Gus Cordeiro

5 out of 5


Working with Chad was very beneficial for my situation because my model had many very small details which many printers cannot print. We worked together to redesign my model enough to allow it to be printed on his equipment. His service was excellent. The only thing that surprised me was that the website adds 20% to any quote and shipping for their fee. This is not the supplier's fault. MAKEXYZ has this shown in their "TERMS" but listed way down 7 paragraphs into it. It was my own fault for not reading the terms, but I do feel that something as substantial as 20% should be right up front on the order page. Just thought I would let other buyers in on these semi-hidden costs.

5 out of 5