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3D printing by Lucas

Lucas Watson - 3D printer in Boston, Ma 02215

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Lucas Watson - 3D printer in Boston, Ma 02215

Lucas Watson

- 5/5 - 20 reviews

Boston, MA 02215


3D printing $0.35 /cm³ CAD design $35.00 /hour
About this listing
On makexyz, you'll find 3D printers and makers near you to help you make something. This listing explains Lucas's services.
response rate 100%

I'm a hobbyist 3D printer and 3D designer. I enjoy creating things that are useful in people's everyday lives.

Printer Info:

50 Micron Z resolution now offered at $0.45/cm3

Glow in the Dark is also available at $0.45/cm3. I use the best glow in the dark filament available from ToyBuilder. See a comparison of glowing and daylight color above between Yorick (the skull) in light and a dimly lit room.

Have a part larger than 8"x8"x7"? I can join ABS parts together seamlessly, and PLA parts together with a slight seam using epoxy.

Acetone smoothing (Makes part shinny and smoother) for ABS parts is $0.05 per cm3.

Minimum Order of $10 is required.

Standard shipping costs: $5. Contact me for objects over 12"x12"x12".

Check out my website at

My services
3D printer
Flashforge Creator Pro
Flexible Plastic, ABS Plastic ·Red, White ·Platform 225 x 145 x 150 (mm)
Most helpful reviews
Part finished in decent timeframe. Quality was quite mediocre. Holes in part, large ridge line where he joined two parts, deformed part (dimensions off by over 1/8") and the part was warped. I have had far better 3D print qualities in the past.
2 out of 5
Lucas Watson - Hello! I'm sorry you weren't satisfied with your part. I make efforts to measure dimensions after printing to ensure they're the same as the model. As for ridges those are part of FDM printing, and in the case of your part which was in white, they appear more prominent. The part I shipped wasn't warped, so perhaps this got deformed due to temperature changes? I'd never ship out a warped or deformed part. If you'd contact me we can work out a re-print.
Matthew G.
Sadly, 6 stars is not an option :) Lucas did a quick turn print for me in Flexible filament. Great print quality and great communication. Print was exactly as requested. If you're looking for a maker in Silicon Valley, I highly recommend Lucas!
5 out of 5
Fabian T.
My experience with Locus Watson was awesome! He was straight forward, his response was in a timely manner and delivered my order as described. So I was very satisfied. And in fact working with him on my second order.
5 out of 5
Cynthia B.
Lucas did an excellent job! He did it quickly, with no hassles, and the piece arrived in beautiful shape. I'd use him again for any 3D printing job, and I recommend him highly.
5 out of 5
Joseph R.
Not only did Lucas print out what I needed, he improved the model and fused the parts together with acetone. Looking forward to having him print out my next pieces!
5 out of 5
Jasvir M.
Hi was excellent. Always returned emails promptly, made sure I was getting what I needed, fast service. I will definitely use him again! :)
5 out of 5
Jong-Wook S.
Lucas is fantastic and his work is bar none the best. I would strongly recommend him.
5 out of 5
Kobi H.
The print was all around good except for a smoke errors that were easily fixed
4 out of 5
Todd H.
Good communication, prompt service and great printed results.
5 out of 5
Alex R.
Great service. Quick response and very helpful.
5 out of 5
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