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files accepted: stl, obj, zip, step, stp, iges, igs, 3ds, wrl
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Chance Callahan - 3D printer in Cedar Springs, Mi 49319

Chance Callahan

Cedar Springs, MI 49319

3D printing $0.50 /cm³

Things I've Made

About me

At Cedar Springs 3D Printing, we operate a state-of-the-art AnkerMake M5 3D printer. This reliable machine allows us to bring your creative visions to life, layer by layer. Whether it’s intricate designs, functional prototypes, or personalized items, our 3D printer is up to the task.

* Queer and Disabled Person Owned: We take immense pride in being a business that champions diversity and inclusivity. As a queer and disabled person-owned establishment, we celebrate uniqueness and welcome everyone. Our commitment to fostering a supportive community extends beyond our products.

* Affordable Prices: We believe that creativity should be accessible to all. That’s why we offer affordable pricing for our 3D printing services. Quality need not come at an exorbitant cost, and we’re here to prove it.

* Customization: At Cedar Springs, we thrive on customization. Whether you’re looking for bespoke jewelry, home decor, or functional gadgets, we’ll tailor our designs to your preferences. Your imagination is our blueprint.

Swing by Cedar Springs 3D Printing, and let’s create something magical together!

My Services

Ankermake M5

3D printer

PLA Plastic, ABS Plastic, PET Plastic

• Black,

• Blue,

• Brown,

• Clear,

• Gold,

• Green,

• Grey,

• Orange,

• Pink,

• Purple,

• Red,

• Silver,

• Tan,

• White,

• Yellow,

• Platform 235 x 235 x 250 (mm)