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3D printing by Breeden Dezign Connection Llc

Breeden Dezign Connection Llc Chris Breeden - 3D printer in Elizabethtown, In 47232

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Breeden Dezign Connection Llc Chris Breeden - 3D printer in Elizabethtown, In 47232

Breeden Dezign Connection Llc Chris Breeden

- 5/5 - 4 reviews

Elizabethtown, IN 47232


3D printing $1.75 /cm³ CAD design $15.00 /hour
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I love making designs come to life one 100 micron layer at a time! I am a mechanical designer / wiring harness designer with 12 years experience with pro/e / Creo.

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My services
3D printer
Makerbot Replicator 2
Nylon, PLA Plastic ·Black, Clear, Grey, Tan, Pink, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Blue, Brown, White ·Platform 279 x 152 x 152 (mm)
Most helpful reviews
Sam M.
Chis is a good partner to work with. I don't think he had a lot of experience working with ABS. The project I have uses a large flat space and I believe his system had issues with it. He created the .stl file for me. Providing he has the right equipment for the job, he would be my first choice to work with. He's responsive and fair.
4 out of 5
Ryan W.
Provided great print option recommendations in the price quote. Fast responses to inquiries. Timely production for my small job. Will use again.
5 out of 5
Bill P.
First 3d print job ever. I made a couple of errors on the STL file which narrowed the part slightly. Otherwise positive!
5 out of 5
Mark K.
Very satisfied with order. Will do future business with him.
5 out of 5