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Aaron Freyer - 3D printer in San Jose, Ca

Aaron Freyer

San Jose, CA

3D printing $0.25 /cm³

Things I've Made

About me

Please take the time to read the information I have posted below. You can load upload your model to MakeXYZ to calculate the cost of prints yourself with this information, which saves time in the quoting and printing process. Do feel free to contact me with any questions.

-Minimum order of $5.00 (not including shipping)
-Unlike many other sellers the prices below are what I actually charge
-I'm a student at San Jose State University. Meeting to pick-up parts would ideally happen around downtown SJ
-Shipping will range from about $4-10 for most pieces within the US
-For a color I don't currently have in stock add $20.00 to order total. I can find most colors locally, so there would be little to no delay in sourcing a color I don't currently have in stock
-I print only in PLA plastic
-I always send pictures of the final product(s) before shipment/pickup
-If I am unable to print your model with the desired outcome you will receive a full refund.


Flash Forge pricing (PLA only) (single prints):

$.30/cm^3 @ 10% infill
$.35/cm^3 @ 20% infill
$.40/cm^3 @ 30% infill, etc.

$.40/cm^3 @ 10% infill
$.45/cm^3 @ 20% infill
$.50/cm^3 @ 30% infill, etc.

$.50/cm^3 @ 10% infill
$.55/cm^3 @ 20% infill
$.60/cm^3 @ 30% infill, etc.

How to calculate price: find the volume of your CAD model and multiply it by the dollar value that corresponds the desired resolution and infill density. For example, a 30cm^3 model printed at 0.30mm resolution with 30% infill would cost $12.00 (40cm^3 * $0.40). Upload your file to MakeXYZ to find the volume, or send me a message with your STL or STP file.

My Services


3D printer

PLA Plastic

• Black,

• Red,

• White,

• Platform 150 x 230 x 150 (mm)

My Reviews

Dane V.

I went with Aaron for my first printing experience, I knew very little going in, so I had a lot of questions which Aaron was more then willing to answer. if someone were to ask where to get a model printed, I would recomend aaron without a second thought as the first place to go. reasults were good, and exactly to the scale I had anticipated

5 out of 5

Jacob S.

First time getting something 3D printed. Aaron made it EASY. I had a few questions and he was able to answer all of them. Easy to communicate with, open with what was going on. Turn around was quick. 10/10 would do business with Aaron again. Part quality is as expected with 3D printing.

5 out of 5

Edwin B.

The parts tuned out, the only issues were because of my poor design, I was using (free web-based 3dmodling software) and It was not properly attaching some of the parts. Aaron was very helpful, and had a quick turn around!

5 out of 5

Howard C.

If you need to get a part printed quickly and at reasonable price, Aaron is the guy. From the minute I requested the quote to receiving the parts, he worked on it until done.

5 out of 5

Chris H.

Aaron did a great job! I had a very strict deadline and he delivered on time. I would recommend his services to anyone, and I will use him again for future projects

5 out of 5

Steve H.

Very happy with outcome and excellent communication throughout the process. Aaron was proactive and helpful, willing to learn on a difficult project, and committed to a successful conclusion.

5 out of 5

Steve B.

This was a great transaction. He was super quick to respond, offered advice, and printed and delivered promptly! Thank you!

5 out of 5

Chris H.

Friendly, on time, great results, and works around your needs

5 out of 5

Bruce M.

Turned out well, no problems, and good price.

5 out of 5

Phil T.

Fast response. Case looks good.

5 out of 5