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3D printing by Dan

Dan Steele - 3D printer in Lacey, Wa 98503

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Dan Steele - 3D printer in Lacey, Wa 98503

Dan Steele

- 5/5 - 2 reviews

Lacey, WA 98503


3D printing $1.00 /cm³ CAD design $25.00 /hour Laser cutting $25.00 /hour
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Currently I have a Kudo3d Titan 1. It is capable of as low as 25 micron z resolution and 35 micron x/y and prints relatively fast with a beautiful finish and 83 Shore D hardness. I can accommodate all sizes up to 19.2 cm by 10.8 cm by 24 cm tall and all pastel colors due to the base color of resin being white with the addition of pigments to the needed color.

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My services
3D printer
Kudo3d Titan 1 Dlp Sla
Resin ·Purple, White, Green, Pink, Grey, Tan, Black, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Brown, Blue, Red, Orange ·Platform 192 x 108 x 240 (mm)
Laser cutter·$25.00 /hour
Most helpful reviews
David G.
He was VERY good at communicating through the whole process. I will be doing more business with him and recommend him to everyone.
5 out of 5
Richard T.
Dan was great to work with. Very helpful and he not only made sure to make *EXACTLY* what I wanted, but he hand delivered it at my request! I'll be going to him first for anything else I need.
5 out of 5