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3D printing by Evan

Evan Nguyen - 3D printer in Irvine, Ca 92604

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Evan Nguyen - 3D printer in Irvine, Ca 92604

Evan Nguyen

- 5/5 - 66 reviews

Irvine, CA 92604


3D printing $0.40 /cm³ CAD design $40.00 /hour
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response time within a few hours
response rate 100%

I'm an engineer and have worked in the design, R&D, and prototyping environment for most of my career. 3D printing is my hobby so I just want to put my awesome little printer through as much run time as possible. I'm not looking to make money from 3D printing. I am more interested in helping others bring their visions to life. Whatever the challenge is I will do my best to help.

Printing Fee: Flat rate of $.40/cm3 of material for PLA or ABS and $.75/cm3 for PET+ (Polyethylene). I don't charge for print time, setup fee, minimum order fee.
Shipping & Handling: All parts are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. You may also pick up the parts in Irvine or Redondo Beach, CA.

My services
3D printer
Raise3d N2+
PET Plastic, PLA Plastic, ABS Plastic ·Gold, Yellow, Silver, Red, Tan, Blue, White, Clear, Grey, Black ·Platform 305 x 305 x 610 (mm)
3D printer
Form 2
Resin ·Clear, Black, White ·Platform 145 x 145 x 175 (mm)
Most helpful reviews
sandra w.
Evan is very accommodating. I was not sure about my design, since I am not a prototype product designer, I thought it won't hurt to ask his opinion. He came up with a very good solution for me, and is willing to run test till it is perfect. Very glad that I found his service, and was able to utilize his skills. His price is so fair, I would highly recommended!
5 out of 5
Chris S.
Evan was prompt with the printing & delivery. Evan went above and beyond by updating me with the status of the project, sending photos, and even built a custom crutch for me to use during assembly, as my project has smaller parts. He also gave some great advice during the process. Very communicative, dependable, and highly recommended!
5 out of 5
Michael M.
Extremely satisfied! I was able to get my assassin's creed hidden blade design printed and working! Here's the link if anyone wants to see the design working and how the parts look: Just a side note, if you are printing parts that need to fit within each other, lots of sanding is required.
5 out of 5
Butch P.
Hello We had our part printed by two other companies and we tossed them in the garbage. This was our third attempt to print this part. Evan was a good guy to deal with and our part looked great. He will be our first stop for the next print job! Thank you
5 out of 5
thomas h.
it was great working with Evan. He provided both drafting and printing services, both exceeding my expectations. Very quick responses to messages, and a lighting fast turn around on the project. I look forward to working with him again.
5 out of 5
Michele M.
Excellent work, and extremely quick, professional, and personable to work with. Gave me a good quote and even took it down when I ordered more pieces. I would definitely recommend him, especially if you're local to Irvine.
5 out of 5
Kyle H.
He did great work, was very fast to follow up with everything, and was very professional. The price was outstanding and couldn't be beat. Will DEFINITELY be using Evan again for future jobs. Highly recommended.
5 out of 5
Very great work! I was amazed with the level of accuracy. I requested a several parts for an assembly. Mr. Evan Nguyen not only delivered beyond expectations, he also did it faster than anticipated. Jose
5 out of 5
michael e.
I highly recommend Evan. Hes quick to respond to messages and has a quick turnaround time. Great guy to work with, you won't be disappointed.
5 out of 5
John B.
Extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Gave me exactly what I wanted on time and at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Evan.
5 out of 5
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