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3D printing by Ian

Ian Sheng - 3D printer in Los Angeles, Ca 90012

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Ian Sheng - 3D printer in Los Angeles, Ca 90012

Ian Sheng

Los Angeles, CA 90012

3D printing $0.25 /cm³
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I am a master degree architecture student in sciarc located in downtown LA, if u are interesting in print 3d model, just contact me.
I did print a lots works for SCI-Arc students and USC architecture students as well, also from outside professional phototype model, which including indrustory design and 3C device design and toy model.
I provide basic color white, black and grey in PLA material, also, special material "flexible PLA" which is a soft material,
please provide following information below if u want to print:

* Color preference
* Resolution:
layer height
High = 0.10 mm
Standard = 0.20 mm
Low = 0.30 mm
*Infill amount:
0% = Hollow
15% = standard
100% = Solid
*Model Scale: (inch, mm, cm)
*Delivery Method:
Pickup (closed by little tokyo)
Shipping (UPS additional $12.50)

My services
3D printer
Makerbot Replicator 2 (1 Dual)
Flexible Plastic, PLA Plastic ·White, Grey, Black ·Platform 284 x 155 x 152 (mm)