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3D printing by Bryan

Bryan Boettcher - 3D printer in Shawnee, Ks 66203

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Bryan Boettcher - 3D printer in Shawnee, Ks 66203

Bryan Boettcher

- 5/5 - 62 reviews

Shawnee, KS 66203


3D printing $0.25 /cm³
About this listing
On makexyz, you'll find 3D printers and makers near you to help you make something. This listing explains Bryan's services.
response time within an hour
response rate 100%

I am available to sign NDAs if necessary, and I have no personal objections with printing any design you have.

All of my printers are high precision prosumer-grade machines, with the ability to print almost any material on the market at this point. I have a whole big ol' pile of Makergear M2s (one with dual-extrusion), an ONI, and a Rostock Max.

Feel free to contact me with your STLs. FDM printing has unique design considerations and some parts may not be ideal for the process. FDM parts are very strong and can absolutely be used for structural components!


My invoices break down as such:

- $0.12 per cc of plastic used (which is usually less than the volume of the model)
- $10 setup fee
- $1.50 per hour after of machine time

Lower quality finish, and smaller models, will print faster. Most objects that can be held in your hand will print in 5-6 hours. Large heavy models (over 400cc) will have to be slowed down, there is no way around it. I print, by default, at 30% square-shaped infill with a 1mm outer shell. I can increase or decrease any of these numbers (or switch to a honeycomb fill) to suit your needs, feel free to send me a message. Support material is not charged differently but it does count towards the total plastic usage.

My services
3D printer
Makergear M2
ABS Plastic, PLA Plastic ·Red, Green, White, Blue, Silver, Clear, Tan, Purple, Brown, Black ·Platform 205 x 250 x 205 (mm)
3D printer
Oni H-Bot
ABS Plastic, PET Plastic, Polycarbonate, Nylon, Flexible Plastic ·Red, Green, White, Blue, Clear, Tan, Purple, Orange, Black ·Platform 190 x 190 x 190 (mm)
Most helpful reviews
Paul E.
Bryan is easy to work with and he's good at getting you what you need. I needed to do a fit-check on a part that was larger than what his machines typically produce. Bryan came up with a way to make it in sections, then he took the time to glue it all together. It worked perfectly for what I needed.
5 out of 5
David C.
Bryan was very prompt and courteous. He went above and beyond my expectations to process and mail my order. I would highly recommend him and will utilize his services again when needed.
5 out of 5
Sean S.
Bryan was very helpful with my first time print job. He really knows what hes doing, has very reasonable rates, does great work, and has really fast turnaround time. Highly recommended
5 out of 5
John H.
Bryan was very responsive. The first one to respond to my post and worked with me to get what I wanted. Would use him again.
5 out of 5
Kevin B.
Went above and beyond and was able to walk me through the process to ensure I got exactly what I wanted. Would order from again!
5 out of 5
Patrick W.
Great to work with Bryan. Professional, took great care of this 'customer' and produced great results. Would be happy to work with him again!!
5 out of 5
Brian B.
Bryan worked hard to make sure my print would work. He was super responsive and totally reliable! Would definitely work with him again.
5 out of 5
Chris D.
Bryan did a good job and was easy to work with. I'll definitely work with him again for more prints in the future.
4 out of 5
John H.
I was very pleased with Mike, would use him again. This is the second review I have left for him.
5 out of 5
Tim A.
Bryan was excellent to work with. He was quick to get back with my inquiry and very reasonably priced.
5 out of 5
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