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files accepted: stl, obj, zip, step, stp, iges, igs, 3ds, wrl
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Rich Beck - 3D printer in

Rich Beck

Things I've Made

About me

A technology business background and an engineering mind with a creative/artistic bent, what more can you need? At E3 Digital Fab, we can take your file as is, modify and/or fix it, or design your idea from scratch.

We make:
Marketing scale models
Prototype parts
Low volume parts
Architectural models
Medical models
Models from Thingiverse and elsewhere.

Our customers come from various areas:
Professional services
Medical and Dental

Our customers are mainly in the US though we have exported international locations (and did the customs paperwork).

If you need a few parts made for some project and they are ready to go, send them to us to take a look. We will evaluate it and tell you if we can do it and what it would cost. We will also tell you if there are better options.

3D printing: FDM (Filament) and Resin printers.
Scanning: HP/David 3d structured light scanner.

Our minimum job cost is $25.

HOW THIS (including MakeXYZ) WORKS:
1. You upload a file or have us design one for you for $
2. We agree on a price and load it on MakeXYZ
3. MakeXYZ adds their 20% markup to the price (this is how they make money and stay in business)
4. You pay online
5. We do the job and ship the parts or files or you pick up.

The way we price prints is pretty straight forward, it is generally tied to volume, number of parts, difficulty, and post processing.

Design work and scanning can be priced on an hourly or project basis.

On the design side, you may see lots of people charging $25/hour or less. For some designers and customers that will be a bargain, for others it won't. We only take jobs that we feel we can add value to and are within are capabilities. No, we won't sculpt your next action figure from scratch, that's not our area of expertise. We are digital engineers more than digital artists. Our clients have found that while we may charge more per hour than what they might find elsewhere on this site, or on a place like, our abilities combined with our technical background and years of experience often result in better output for less real $ cost and opportunity cost overall. When you count the cost of your time having to answer many questions or make many corrections to a design because the designer is technically competent on the design tool but has no industry knowledge the savings really add up.

We hope all this convinces you to give us a shot, we would be glad to work with you, and will do our utmost to delight you.

Thanks for your time and consideration,
Rich Beck
Founder and President
E3 Digital Fab, LLC
Houston, Texas, USA

My Services

My Reviews

Sergey S.

I'm glad Richard was engaged in printing of my device. Among all those who offered me 3D printing, the most reasonable price for me was Richard's , despite the fact that we are separated by thousands of miles and my town also has 3D printing services. Prototype of device consisted of more than 16 parts and some parts were large and required refactoring. Richard approached to execution of this work, that lasted more than a month, with understanding and great responsibility. Richard performed full production cycle: he printed items, checked it's stability, performance and then reworked some details to improve their reliability, while he did not even take additional payment for reprints of some components. His responsible and serious approach to business made our cooperation highly successful. Throughout the time Richard sent me photos of details and drawings improved components. A couple of weeks ago, the work has been completed and now I'm looking forward for the arrival of my items. I highly recommend Richard as a responsible executor, an expert in the field of 3D modeling and 3D printing. I am sure that cooperation with Richard will be very interesting for you and you'll get a great result. Sergey S.

5 out of 5

Monty A.

Richard Beck has been excellent to work with. Rich is talented and very professional. He is easy to communicate with and listens, trying to provide exactly what you want and providing options for design and cost. He spent extra time making providing the CAD drawings in a format I could open. I highly recommend Richard for any CAD work you have. We have not done any 3D Printing yet but I plan on using Richard when I get to that phase.

5 out of 5

Dustin R.

Great printer service with fast delivery. Rich provided feedback on my design before print, that led to a successfully printed part, for my first 3d part. After the set of parts was printed, he provided feedback on the design to improve it's 3d printability. This helpfulness was all without any extra fees, which shows that he cares about making whatever he prints, work out. I'm a very satisfied customer and will work with Rich for my future printing needs.

5 out of 5

Christopher C.

I saw a 3D item on the web that I wanted and the file was available for download. I told Rich that I would like a few and he was able to print them for me in no time at a good price. My friend warned me that getting something 3D printed was going to be difficult, but Rich made it an absolute breeze! I would recommended Rich to anyone who needs 3D printing services...

5 out of 5

Rich Beck - This one was easy to print once we found the file. It had been posted to Thingiverse and then removed to a website where you have to pay for the files. I was able to get the file from someone you had printed it before it was removed. (this was after I bought a copy of the file for a dollar).

Richard L.

Richard was great about communicating any issues/concerns to make sure the output was just what I needed. The parts came out better than I expected with an excellent surface finish. I know my parts were particularly tricky to print due to thin features, but he was able to get them done and even made recommendations to make them easier to print. You can't go wrong with this printer!

5 out of 5

Sina Maria A.

Excellent service, went above and beyond just the transaction. My daughter had a school report and presentation. I asked Rich if he could take pictures while the bookmark was being made, and not only did he take pictures, he also took a short video, which my daughter was able to use in her presentation.

5 out of 5

steve s.

Rich has been great to work with. He has been timely and prompt in his responses and follow up on his commitments, has brought excellent expertise to the table and overall has been a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.

5 out of 5

Jacob G.

Rich was most accommodating with our design and print. He offered helpful solutions to difficulties along the way. I was so impressed with the outcome, I am actually working with him right now on another sample.

5 out of 5

Abel L.

Rich has expertise and experience. He was able to anticipate needs and offer alternatives that ultimately saved time and money. He is a tremendous resource for me and my venture.

5 out of 5

Brock W.

Rich has an engineering background, manufacturing experience, 3D design skills and in-depth understanding of the 3D printing process. AND he works with amazing speed with customer satisfaction is #1 objective.

5 out of 5