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3D printing by Matt

Matt Passafiume - 3D printer in Washington Township, Nj 07853

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Matt Passafiume - 3D printer in Washington Township, Nj 07853

Matt Passafiume

Washington Township, NJ 07853

3D printing $0.25 /cm³ CAD design $15.00 /hour
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I am a Graduate of NJIT who Majored in Mechanical Engineering and Minored in Manufacturing. I have been using the CAD software for over 15 Years. I also have a background in programming CNC Machines.

My Goal is to Deliver High-Quality 3D Prints Quick Yet Affordable.

I Print in TPU (Flexable) , PLA, and PLA Wood. More Materials to be supported in the future.

I love to design and create parts which is why I started a 3D Printing Company. I have built and designed 2 Heavy Modified Anet Printers with an enclosure that has multiple safety precautions including, temperature, humidity, remote fire alarm notifications, remote video feed, and fire suppression. These printers also allow remote printing.

I've been working on self funded projects for over 15 years that range from Hydrogen Fuel Cell Torches to Vehicle Conversions. The projects that I have worked on range from $1000 to $5000. I am proficient with computers, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and project management. I currently work as an assistant project manager.

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My services
3D printer
Anet Am8
Nylon, Wood, PLA Plastic ·White, Tan, Blue, Black ·Platform 220 x 220 x 215 (mm)