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3D printing by Mission

Mission 3d - 3D printer in Naples, Fl

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Mission 3d - 3D printer in Naples, Fl

Mission 3d

- 5/5 - 1 review

Naples, FL


3D printing $0.75 /cm³ 3D scanning $25.00 /hour
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3d printing company located in Naples, Fl featuring 3 different 3D printers, a Prusa i3V, Rostock Max, & gMax with a variety of different printing volumes. We can print in anything from ABS & PLA to NinjaFlex & HIPS and can also make whatever color ABS filament you desire, including changing colors from top to bottom of your print! 3D design services and scanning service also available, contact us with your needs and let us know how we can assist you. We cannot wait to help!

My services
3D printer
Prusa I3v
HIPS, ABS Plastic, PLA Plastic, Flexible Plastic ·Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Silver, Blue, Black, White ·Platform 200 x 200 x 200 (mm)
3D printer
Rostock Max V2
HIPS, ABS Plastic, PLA Plastic ·Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Silver, Blue, Black, White ·Platform 280 x 280 x 350 (mm)
3D printer
Gmax Printer
PLA Plastic ·Green, Purple, Orange, Silver, Blue, Black, White ·Platform 4000 x 400 x 230 (mm)
3D Scanner·$25.00 /hour
Structure Sensor
Most helpful reviews
Stephanie S.
To Brandon Garland - Product looks great!! Thank you so much for the wonderful work you have done to help me complete this project. I will definitely come back for future services and will recommend your business as well. Thanks Again, Stephanie Sharp Invoice #425a9c6
5 out of 5