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3D printing by David

David K - 3D printer in Austin, Tx 78759

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David K - 3D printer in Austin, Tx 78759

David K

- 5/5 - 5 reviews

Austin, TX 78759


CAD design $30.00 /hour 3D scanning $50.00 /hour
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On makexyz, you'll find 3D printers and makers near you to help you make something. This listing explains David's services.
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We use a Makerbot Z18 printer capable of printing PLA, ABS, PET+, and Bridge Nylon. You can learn more from reading our website at We offer a free timelapse video for first time users and other discounts are available.

We also have a scanner and can do 3d design work. Please contact us with any questions.

My services
3D Scanner·$50.00 /hour
Primesense Carmine 1.09
Most helpful reviews
James S.
This was a large product that could only be printed on a Z18. I am a Maker listed on but did not have the capability to produce this large a part. My Customer was anxious to see the final product but his approval of the invoice delayed the print process. David had great pricing and his knowledge and experience with the Z18 was comforting. These prints took long hours to complete even at lower density due to their size, so filament jams and other issues can cause delays in progress. One of the parts experienced a defect that was not caught in time to pause and consider starting over. It did appear to be caused by the model file. The model file was checked by Makerbot personnel and printed fine on my Afinia, so it was not obvious what caused the issue. I did find multiple layers that might have created the problem. The only thing I could suggest for improvement is for David to keep his customer apprised of his progress more often. I usually had to initiate the contact to get an update on the print progress. Will use David again when I have other needs for a large part.
5 out of 5
Christina M.
After working with a large product design company, we found David to fix some of the issues that the large company had. David fixed the design, made it better and all documents were organized and easy to read. We recommend David!
5 out of 5
Yingying Y.
David was very professional and efficient. He kept me updated and the print went very smoothly and I received the part despite the extremely tight timeline and long print hours. I'm really satisfied with the experience.
5 out of 5
Brian D N.
With David's help, we're making sculpture minatures. Great Job and good communication skills. I will use him again for new projects.
5 out of 5
Brian D N.
Parts are still in process. These are very large print jobs with multiple pieces.
5 out of 5