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files accepted: stl, obj, zip, step, stp, iges, igs, 3ds, wrl
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Peter Raplicate - 3D printer in Los Angeles, Ca 90025

Peter Raplicate

Los Angeles, CA 90025

3D printing $0.35 /cm³

CAD design $25.00 /hour

3D scanning $25.00 /hour

Things I've Made

About me

We have a Makerbot Replicator 2X printer. It is a full-featured desktop 3D printer designed for 3D printing experts.
We can also scan your 3D object using Makerbot 3D Digitizer (scanner).
We also do 3D modeling. If you have an image or an idea, let us know and we can prepare the 3D model for you. We use SolidWorks to do our 3D models.
An interesting story that happened to us the other day. One of our customers wanted to print in black. We had the material but we did not have the spool holder. Since time was of the essence and purchasing one online would cost us our customers we decided to do what true 3ders do - print 3d!!!We looked up spool holders in Thingiverse and much to our delight, we found one that fit!! So we printed the spool holder and were able to meet the customer demand. This gave us a lot of satisfaction and we hope that we can meet your expectations as well.

My Services

Makerbot Replicator 2x

3D printer

ABS Plastic, PLA Plastic

• Black,

• Red,

• White,

• Platform 284 x 155 x 152 (mm)

Makerbot Digitizer

3D Scanner • $25.00 /hour

My Reviews

Bryce W.

I had two parts printed by Peter. One of them was perfect, but the second one suffered "shrinkage" --- the overall dimensions were slightly smaller than the model I had designed, and I could not use the printed part. Peter explained the "shrinkage" problem to me and worked very hard to overcome it. Peter printed extra copies of my part until it satisfied my requirements and then shipped this part to me, at no extra cost. Overall print quality and precision was slightly under what I would have liked, but this is probably because of high expectations and being unfamiliar with 3D printing and what is capable. Despite this, I'm overall very happy with the service from Peter --- in the end, I am able to use all the parts I ordered. Thanks a bunch!

5 out of 5

brock w.

Top knotch! Reprinted several times just to get it right.

5 out of 5

Bryan F.

Very nice finish

5 out of 5

Bryan F.

5 out of 5