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3D printing by Cameron

Cameron Naramore - 3D printer in Denver, Co 80226

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Cameron Naramore - 3D printer in Denver, Co 80226

Cameron Naramore

- 5/5 - 41 reviews

Denver, CO 80226


3D printing $0.25 /cm³ CAD design $30.00 /hour 3D scanning $30.00 /hour
About this listing
On makexyz, you'll find 3D printers and makers near you to help you make something. This listing explains Cameron's services.
response time within an hour
response rate 100%

Models will be printed at 0.2 layers unless specified otherwise.

We charge by weight and our rate is $0.40/gram. Charging by weight ensures everyone gets the most bang for his/her money as only those that want solid parts will get charged for solid parts. Most pieces are plenty sturdy with only a 20% infill, so going above that is usually a waste of time and material, but more importantly it's a waste of YOUR money.

My services
3D printer
Flashforge Creator Dual Extrusion
PLA Plastic, ABS Plastic, Bronze ·Green, White, Black, Gold, Red, Clear, Blue ·Platform 225 x 145 x 150 (mm)
3D Scanner·$30.00 /hour
Most helpful reviews
Bob A.
Cameron provides great service. He always responds within the promised hour. On my first part he sent a photo of how it failed and suggested a design improvement. I have sent him three designs in the last three weeks and he has delivered each within three business days.
5 out of 5
Nathan M.
This was our 2nd order through Cameron. He was awesome...again! For this round of work, we had Cameron do some of the CAD work prior to printing, and he did an excellent job. And most importantly, his customer service was terrific.
5 out of 5
Randy G.
I've worked with many 3d printers before but not after the service I recieved from cameron. The product turned out amazing and I was incredibly impressed by the turn around. From now on all my projects come through here
5 out of 5
Robert G.
Cameron and his brother were awesome to work with. They helped me out a great deal on a project and I will definitely be using them for the next one!! Great service, quick, and honest quality work. Thanks
5 out of 5
robert B.
The work required was tiny and pushed the limits of what is possible, but the results were very good and the price was reasonable. I expect to use them again.
5 out of 5
Nathan M.
Excellent and prompt work. I needed high detail on a few pieces, and they were spot on. Plus Cameron took the time to coat my jars with a food-safe poly.
5 out of 5
Robert B.
Cameron is very responsive and prompt. My applications push the bounderies of what is possible. Cameron and his brother are very helpful in trying out new materials and methods.
5 out of 5
Sawyer M.
Insanely fast response time. Part came out accurate and he was very easy to work with. As close to perfect as it could have been.
5 out of 5
Eric K.
The print came out perfect, it was the right size and thickness that I wanted it to be and it arrived on time
5 out of 5
alex f.
Forgot to leave a comment before. But. Fantastic work. And good prices. Even fast shipping. Would definitely recommend you
5 out of 5
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