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files accepted: stl, obj, zip, step, stp, iges, igs, 3ds, wrl
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Jeremy Prellwitz - 3D printer in Greenville, Sc 29615

Jeremy Prellwitz

Greenville, SC 29615

3D printing $0.50 /cm³

CAD design $60.00 /hour

Things I've Made

About me

I have 25 years of experience as a manufacturing engineer working with a variety of materials from Aluminum to machinable Ceramics to high temperature nickel based alloys like Incolnel, for the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries, so I strive to produce quality parts. I am currently in school full time finishing up my Computer Science degree and could use some work on my printer to help pay my way :).

My current printer is a Rostock Max delta printer upgraded to a Mag/Ball joint setup for the rods.

I have printed a lot of PLA, ABS, T-glase, and have a very good setup for printing Nylon based filaments. I plan to soon change to a different hot end that will allow me to print with higher temperatures for even better adhesion between layers on the Nylon filaments.

I personally prefer to print at .1mm(.0039 inch) layers because of the great resolution when printing a part with many curves and flowing surfaces, but .2mm is much more economical especially for parts with square surfaces.
I prefer not to print higher than .2mm because I think it is too low of quality.

I cater more towards printing to solve problems and fix things. Some of my recent prints are a dipole antennae center piece with matching ends for stringing up a dipole antennae, a custom designed adapter for joining some optical gear I have, and a flexible Nylon fixture for squishing down and expanding back out to fit into a paint can and hold some electrical components I made for someone.

An .STL file would be a minimum requirement for printing something. Other file formats like IGES and others can be converted to STL if required.

My Services

Awesome Moded Rostock Max

3D printer

Nylon, ABS Plastic, PLA Plastic

• Black,

• Blue,

• Clear,

• Green,

• Purple,

• White,

• Yellow,

• Platform 280 x 280 x 356 (mm)

My Reviews

Charles H.

Great! My own 3d printer has broken, and I wanted to print a keychain for myself, and at that I wanted some color changing filament. Talking to Jeremy, he ordered a whole roll and printed my keychain for $15, which may be a lot but not too many people stock color changing filament and will go even further to order a whole roll to just print your one part! I spoke with some others, and they would either not order it, or they would charge me about $80 to print of 5 keychains or something = $$$$. So, in the end, the keychain had great quality and I got it quickly.

5 out of 5

Stephen S.

Jeremy was absolutely fantastic. I needed a small, detailed ring printed within 3 days. He even made a second ring when the first didn't meet his expectations. His prices for 3D printing are extremely reasonable; he even refused a tip! He always responded to my messages promptly and I learned a lot about 3D printing when I met him in person to pick up the ring. I will certainly go to Jeremy when I need something printed again. This was my first experience with 3D printing and I had a lot of fun!

5 out of 5

William W.

Great customer service, highly recommended!!!

5 out of 5