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files accepted: stl, obj, zip, step, stp, iges, igs, 3ds, wrl
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Thor Johnson - 3D printer in Lawrenceville, Ga 30044

Thor Johnson

Lawrenceville, GA 30044

3D printing $0.25 /cm³

CAD design $85.00 /hour

CNC $50.00 /hour

Laser cutting $25.00 /hour

Things I've Made

About me

Have robo3d, and looking to print all manner of things.
I also have access to Solidworks to do 3D designs.

Other colors on request -- just let me know (it will be an extra 2 days to get the spool, but...).
Reliable prints at 0.2mm, working on 0.1mm, and working with my Filastruder to get some custom filaments (nylon/abs/custom colors) created.

I also have access to a CNC machine shop and a casting area, so if you'd like it in metal (aluminum preferred), I'd like to talk!

You can see some of my designs @ Thingiverse:

I'll ship to the US.

My Services


3D printer

ABS Plastic, PLA Plastic, Aluminum, Nylon

• Blue,

• Clear,

• Pink,

• Silver,

• Platform 210 x 200 x 155 (mm)

Lagun Cnc Mill

CNC • $50.00 /hour

40w Co2 Laser

Laser cutter • $25.00 /hour

My Reviews

Jordan B.

Great communication, fast turn around and he even went the extra mile and threw in a spare part for me. Thor was great to work with and I would recommend him.

5 out of 5

John L.

The result of acetone smoothing wasn't exactly what I had invisioned. In the future it may be helpful to show a picture of a part before and after acetone treatment.

5 out of 5

Harry P.

Despite a few snags in production, Thor was very friendly, helpful and the end product was perfect. Would definitely have Thor print models for me again.

5 out of 5

Haroon K.

Excellent service. Really happy with the quick responses and how he answered all my questions each time I contacted him.

5 out of 5

Robert B.

I had a great experience utilizing Thor's services. He was quick to respond, the quality was great and affordable!!!

5 out of 5

Rico Bren S.

Had a bit of hiccup with the way an order was modeled but Thor persisted and finished the job.

5 out of 5

Jason R.

Very happy with the results I got. Will use again if my future projects need it

5 out of 5

Gary W.

Thor did a great job. I will be submitting a new order shortly.

5 out of 5

Robin B.

Thor was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely professional and prompt!!

5 out of 5

Joshua P.

I was very suprised by the level of professionalism showed by thor.

5 out of 5