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Tomek Brzezinski - 3D printer in Lynnfield, Ma

Tomek Brzezinski

Lynnfield, MA

3D printing $0.25 /cm³

CAD design $30.00 /hour

Things I've Made

About me

Hi! I'm a Mechanical Engineering student at Duke University. I'd be happy to print out some parts. I've tuned my Solidoodle S2 to be a fine printing machine. This includes a Z-axis upgrade, nozzle upgrade, and many other fine modifications.

I am open for business. I am based in massachusetts, north of boston, and can ship domestically anywhere either USPS first-class ($2-5) or any other shipment method you prefer.

You can expect me to print parts quickly, and well. If I can't manage to print your file, I'll let you know ASAP, and it doesn't cost you anything. If it takes me a few tries to print the file...Well, that's the learning experience for me -- and not a cost for you.

I've printed up to 7" wide ABS parts with minimal warping (the secret is an extremely strong layer adhesion with ABS slurry and 83 degree print bed...I'm still working on installing a heated print chamber to further simplify large ABS prints [UPDATE: I can now print with a ~55 degree celsius print chamber, a feature which benefits larger ABS parts].

As always, PLA hardly warps at all. PLA is a plastic suitable for high quality finish and up to 50 celsius use (it starts to soften at 60 celsius.) Though it is "biodegradable" it is outdoors-safe, and will not degrade for many many years unless in a high temperature saltwater environment.

If you want me to print something for you, I'll need to know the details of the file - how many wall layers, fill density, and layer height. Alternatively, tell me what purpose the piece will have and I'll try to determine the parameters to minimize it's cost and still remain suitable for your needs. I'll slice it with my tuned Slic3r settings, and give you a quote back on the CM^3 of filament I will be using. My prices are based on the final used volume of filament.

For an additional $5 charge, I will treat your ABS parts to "acetone smoothing" which involves a layer of acetone vapor that delivers a smoother gloss finish of higher production-value.

Feel free to contact me for more details.

With respect to design services: For large orders I can offer some limited design services. If you are keen on having me design a part for smaller services, I charge a $30/hr fee. I specialize in geometric modeling, as opposed to sculpture based modeling. So an artistic piece would be less to my talents than a mechanical part. If you have your own designer, but are not familiar with the file types and complexities of 3D designing, you can connect me with them and I will request the proper type of files for printing.

My Services

Solidoodle S2

3D printer

Nylon, PLA Plastic, ABS Plastic

• Black,

• Green,

• White,

• Platform 160 x 152 x 130 (mm)

My Reviews

Thomas J.

Tomek gave me some good advice for 3D printing my model. I'm a little new to this technology so that was very helpful. He printed my model and mailed the finished pieces very quickly. Thanks!

5 out of 5

Alec M.

5 out of 5

Greg G.

3 out of 5

Tomek Brzezinski - Hi, I just wanted to reply to this review. I am aware the parts sent to Mr.Greg were not of suitable quality. This was clearly photographed ("they're pretty messed up") and sent to Greg before hand. The parts were sent at no charge, only shipping ($3.11). The part asked to be printed was <1mm thick curbed surface that required a complete platform of support. It was a vain attempt in which I attempted to print it, knowing (and warning) that it would not print well. I hope he has since found a different printer to obtain the suitable prints, and I imagine it would take a commercial stereolithic or powder sintering machine to obtain anything remotely useful. Regards, -Tomek

Alec M.

5 out of 5

David B.

5 out of 5