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3D printing by Troadey

Troadey Inc - 3D printer in Québec, Qc G1n 4h5

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Troadey Inc - 3D printer in Québec, Qc G1n 4h5

Troadey Inc

- 5/5 - 4 reviews

Québec, QC G1N 4H5


3D printing $2.50 /cm³ CAD design $25.00 /hour 3D scanning $25.00 /hour
About this listing
On makexyz, you'll find 3D printers and makers near you to help you make something. This listing explains Troadey's services.
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We are a desktop 3D printer distributor in Canada. We sell the most popular brands on the market. Our prices are subject to change.

We are a 3D systems distributor for high end 3D printers

We carry
Rapide 3D

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My services
3D printer
Dimension 1200es Sst
ABS Plastic ·Black ·Platform 254 x 254 x 305 (mm)
3D printer
Projet 3500 Hd
Resin ·White ·Platform 298 x 185 x 203 (mm)
3D printer
Projet 5000
Resin ·Black, White ·Platform 533 x 381 x 300 (mm)
3D printer
Viper Si2
Resin ·White ·Platform 250 x 250 x 250 (mm)
3D printer
Projet 7000
Resin ·Clear, White ·Platform 380 x 380 x 250 (mm)
3D printer
Projet 3510
Resin ·Clear ·Platform 298 x 185 x 203 (mm)
3D printer
Ipro 8000
Resin ·White ·Platform 650 x 350 x 350 (mm)
3D printer
Fortus 360
Polycarbonate, ABS Plastic ·White ·Platform 355 x 254 x 254 (mm)
3D Scanner·$25.00 /hour
Makerbot Digitizer
Most helpful reviews
Stacy R.
We got great quick service with Troadey. The helped us go through our project really quickly and we saved a lot of time with R&D.
5 out of 5
Patrick P.
Équipe très professionnelle. Ils savent de quoi ils parlent. Ma pièce est très belle et elle fonctionne comme je pensais. Merci
5 out of 5
Gary S.
Very helpful source for early stage models, knows how to get the most out of the process.
5 out of 5
Gregory V.
Very responsive to communication requests. Good result. Thanks,
5 out of 5